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Metal processing

The company "Abra" has been providing quality services in metal processing: In our arsenal of modern equipment for precision metalworking, competence and experience in modern technologies for processing metal parts allow us to create high quality, quickly and at attractive prices. All our manufactured products undergo strict quality control at all cycles of production and before shipment to the customer. We can produce parts on the model - from drawing the product and ending with the release of the production batch.
Metalworking - an integral part of the production equipment for the trade and storage facilities. That's why "Abra" has created on its own production base of private metalworking sector. It is equipped with modern metal-complexes, mainly of foreign production. These modern metalworking systems ensure precise, fast and efficient execution of the most difficult tasks for the processing of metals. Therefore, the company "Abrau" offers comprehensive services metalworking law firms and private individuals.

Complex metal from the "Abra" company includes::

Metal Stamping pressure up to 100 tons.;
Metal cutting guillotine;
Felling of metal guillotine;
Metal bending machines CNC up to 4m length;
The dissolution of rolled metal into sheets and blanks;
Production of metal sections according to the drawings
Installed systems allow you to work with all types of metals: hot and cold rolled steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, as well as their alloys. Services of metal complex from "Abra" - it's always a good price, excellent quality and minimum time of your order.