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Powder coating

The company “Abra” not only produces at its production base a wide range of commercial and warehouse equipment, but also provides services for the polymer coating on various metal products to any customer selected RAL color.

Powder coating has the following advantages:

1. Attractive appearance, providing uniform and uniform coat of paint. Painting powder coating is carried out on the basis of elektrolizatsii paint particles, making these particles dense and uniform layer lie on a metal surface coloring.
2. Cost-painting. Powder coating of metal is carried out on the difference between the electric potentials of metal and paint. In the metal ink and different electrical charges, by which ink particles are rapidly and firmly attached to the metal. Particles of the paint, do not fall on a metal surface, captured by special traps that have an opposite charge, and are reused. This is a unique advantage that has over traditional liquid paints powder painting, the price of which, respectively, is lower than that of liquid paint painting.
3. Wide range of color of different materials. Here you can order a painting in any RAL color.
4. Long service life. Compared with conventional varnishes and paints, polymer coatings are not afraid of high temperature and chemical resistance are different. They are not afraid of acid, gasoline, solvents, alkalis, and other compounds. They also have a higher anti-corrosion properties.

Why order a polymer painting in “Abra”:

• The highest quality of services provided.
• Attractive price services Application of the polymeric coating.
• We provide the complete cycle of surface preparation for application of paint.
• We clearly observe the agreed terms of work.
• We accept the work product sizes up to 3.0 x 1.2 x 1.5 m.